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    Wellness works for everyone.

    I will help you make gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future whole health goals. 


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    Do your symptoms control your life?




    Stress Management And
    Resiliency Training



Complimentary Phone Consultation

As a whole health counselor, I put the power back in YOUR hands. Learn more about my training and my unique approach to health counseling.


Are you stressed?  I can help!


I am certified a SMART-certified health practitioner.

The SMART Program (Stress Management And Resiliency Training) was developed by the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.


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The 8-week SMART program is a Mind Body Program for health and resiliency.  The SMART Program will help you develop self-care tools to manage your stress, reduce medical symptoms and enhance your quality of life.  SMART can help improve many medical conditions including anxiety, asthma and allergies, chronic pain, headaches and migraines and more.

You'll learn how to recognize your personal response to stress and how to use meditative techniques to help elicit the Relaxation Response.  Discover how to change thought patterns and your emotional outline along with techniques to improve eating habits, sleep and physical activity.

Learn More About The SMART Program

Colleen A. Burns at Restore Body Balance

Colleen A. Burns, MA, LMHC, LADCI  Integrative Health Counselor. 

I am dedicated to health and happiness of people in my community and throughout the world. I believe integrative health counseling is the future and will offer new possibilities for everyone.

What are my clients saying?

  • “Colleen’s program changed how I live my life. I am back in control of my mental and physical health.”
  • “I never thought changing my diet would change everything. I am less anxious, have more energy and all without adding more medication."


Meet in my office or via secure web-based counseling



Use your Lifestyle as Medicine

Success is having the lifestyle you want to live!

I have developed a template for change. 

You will achieve the maximum results in minimal time when you apply my strategies that are aligned with your health goals. My signature programs are personalized and backed by science.  


Most of us know "what" to do to loose weight, quit smoking, exercise more...but we don't know "how" to integrate it into our lives given our specific "challenges" and lifestyles.

Changing health behaviors can change your life, wellness and longevity.

Together we can:

Overcome Anxiety & Depression 

Lose weight with Mindful Eating 

Find Serenity at Work

Achieve Restorative Sleep

Build Healthier Relationships 

Finally let go of Stress



Since 1998 I have been a licensed psychotherapist in Boston, Massachusetts and have helped many clients with traditional methods.  But what I attribute to better outcomes and sustainable change is a complement of Nutritional Therapy and using the Mind-Body connection.  

After years of additional training in these adjunct therapies, I developed a program that allows clients to access and cultivate their natural capacity to actively engage in caring for themselves and find greater balance, peace of mind and improved overall health.  

I started Restore Body Balance after seeing first hand how pervasive the lack of access to whole health care really is in the 21st century. I wanted a robust life!  My mission is to bridge the gap by equipping clients with the tools they need to achieve Optimal Health.


Who Will Benefit?


Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Work, Family & Financial Stress
Sleep Problems
Eating Disturbances
Lifestyle Changes
High Blood Pressure
Chronic Pain
Physical Wellness

As a licensed mental health and licensed addiction therapist, we will not only tap into the psychology of behavior change but nourish it with science behind nutrition counseling. We deconstruct states that keep us stuck then learn how to use your lifestyle as medicine.

As a Certified Health Coach, the knowledge I gained from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® will allow us to go deeper into your current concerns and then focus on prevention fostering healthier, sustainable habits and behaviors. Partnering with your current health practitioners and exploring new therapies backed by science puts you back in charge of your health and happiness, now and in the future.


More About My Approach

Re-focus, Re-define, Re-energize

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 Most Recent Blog Posts 

A Prescription For Change

Do you want a “Prescription for Change?” Well, my signature program at Restore Body Balance in now in production as a “User Manual!” Well, …of sorts.  After nearly two decades as a licensed psychotherapist, I have found the secrets to sustaining new lifestyles!

Seasonal Allergies & Natural Relief

Nature’s best antihistamines are right under your nose. (couldn’t resist) Studying at Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) has taught me many holistic remedies and alternative therapies to conventional medicine. This weekend I attended a conference in NYC sponsored by IIN. Here I learned from the most notable doctors and scientist.

Tribelli Peppers 1 Bag=5 Meals

Oh, these little “gems” just entered my life!  Where have they been hiding?  Apparently, in every supermarket in AmericaJ One of my favorite memories is roasting red bell peppers on the grill in the summer. We would fire them up blackened and fragrant and place in a paper bag to steam off the skin.  Then, while still hot pull the sweet ribbons apart and drizzle with olive oil and tons of fresh garlic. 

My favorite "Greens"

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! With a name like Colleen Burns one can surmise I am Irish.  (sister is Erin, as in Erin go Bragh, “Ireland Forever”) So in true Restore Body Balance fashion I will share some of my favorite “Greens” in all forms. From dark and leafy to light and tender. The sweet ones and the bitter ones too.

Ready to start your journey?


I'm so excited to work with you to create your best life!  Please reach out to me to schedule your  Complimentary Consultation and begin your journey to a happier and healthier life today!


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