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Integrative Health Counselor

As an Integrative Health Counselor in Brookline, Massachusetts, I apply my knowledge and training in a new environment. With the ever-changing role of health care, clients want more. I am passionate about my clinical work and feel driven to use complementary approaches when traditional therapies need support. It is my passion and privilege to support and guide clients on how to combine nutrition and mindfulness to become as healthy as possible.

Modern medicine has made great strides toward extending our lives and treating our deadliest diseases but the latest pharmaceutical therapies leave us wondering, "what exactly are we putting in our bodies?" From side effects to the long term use of drugs, the Food & Drug Administration is constantly recalling drugs and issuing warnings, not to mention the competition for "Big Pharma's" rush for the latest breakthroughs and patents. Fortunately we have choices. Mother Nature can teach us to look back to her for health. Restoring our bodies to their most natural state.

Let’s restore your body to a natural state of wellbeing. By increasing the range of awareness between food and mood we understand the nature of nutrition and how it affects our mental health. "How" you eat is just as important as "what" you eat. Not just relying on theories or the latest book, but evidenced based practices and most importantly, you as an individual.

Our world is changing. Our food pyramid. Government labels. Wellness trends. The Microbiome and the discovery of the mind-gut connection. Did you know the gut stores 95% of our serotonin? We can replenish it naturally. Serotonin is not just the “feel good” molecule it is also essential for sleep, appetite, pain sensitivity and overall health. It is influenced by what we eat! This is where dietary changes can improve wellbeing. Food=Mood.

Our environment becomes our body. Make the investment wisely. It is building and protecting you. You are worth every penny you put in your body. Invest in your health on a deep cellular level. The good news is when using a whole-body approach to mental wellness… issues with other parts of the body often resolve.

Your journey to personalized wellness starts here.

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