Chicken Salad with Blueberries

Prep Time

5-10 minutes

Prep Notes

You can buy chicken salad ahead of time 

Or my twist at Restore Body Balance use the leftover chicken from dinner or buy an organic rotisserie chicken

Use Maldon Sea Salt Flakes it gives a nice crunch and simple twist on the arugula

Cooking Time

5 minute


1 serving


1.) Arugula

2.) Organic cooked chicken or chicken salad

3.) Organic apple

4.) Organic blueberries

5.) Organic radishes

6.) Homemade mayo or light dijon mustard

7.) Maldon Sea Slat Flakes

8.) Organic good quality olive oil


1.) Chop the chicken, if desired, stir in mayo or dijon mustard

2.) Slice and dice the apple and add to the chicken salad

3.) Rinse and drain blueberries

4.) Toss arugula lightly in olive oil and arrange on plate, sprinkle with sea salt flakes

5.) Place chicken salad on the bed of greens and sprinkle with blueberries 

6.) Garnish with crunchy radishes on the side