Grilled chicken and roasted peppers over cauliflower couscous

Prep Time

7-10 minutes

Prep Notes

See my recipe for "riced couscous" under side dishes 

Purchase pre-skwered marinated organic chicken kabobs

Have my favorite Frontera salsa & La Nina white corn chips on hand

Cooking Time

Grill to safe temperature


4 servings


4 organic marinated chicken kabobs

Riced cauliflower couscous (see my recipe)

Organic bell or tribelli roasted peppers (see my recipe)

Chips and salsa


Grill chicken to safe temperature according to your state or FDA 

Warm riced cauliflower couscous (or cook while chicken is grilling, 5 minutes)

Warm roasted peppers or slice and grill along with chicken to your desired tenderness (coat with olive oil and my herbed salt)

Serve buffet style 

Plate and enjoy🌶  


What I love about this dish is that when using my left over recipes this dish can allow you to relax with a family member or friend while tending to the grill or enjoying a nice conversation.

It is also a wonderful quick meal for busy families in that once cooked the buffet holds up nicely as all can be consumed at various times or all together.  

Its also allows for "picky" eaters to add flour tortillas, whole grain rice pilaf and cheese to have a full on family dinner:)🙌