Healthy'ish Mexican Night

Prep Time

5 minutes

Prep Notes

Salsa on hand (I love Frontera)

Organic white corn tortilla chips (I adore La Nina)

Roasted peppers

"Cauliflower Couscous" see my recipe in the "side dishes" section

Chicken kabobs or skewered chicken

Cooking Time

15 minutes


4 servings


Chips and salsa

"Cauliflower Couscous" (my recipe)

4 Organic chicken kabobs

Roasted peppers 4 organic peppers you choose the color:)


If you were fortunate enough to roast your peppers ahead of time your all set!

If not fire up the grill!

Place kabobs and if needed peppers (lightly oiled) on the hot grill and cook through

Many people like to use a thermometer to cook chicken to the safe temperature, the USDA safe minimum is 165 F

The couscous can be served at room temperature or warm. It is a healthy substitute for rice

The few tortilla chips give the crunch we desire when others are wrapping up their meal in a warm flour tortilla

After the chicken and peppers (if needed) are properly grilled remove and let sit for a few minutes

This allows the chicken to retain it's juices and the peppers to be able to slice or curl up nicely

Lastly, if buffet style, plate and enjoy!