Protein Packed Lunch

Prep Time

2-3 minutes

Prep Notes

Have my roasted peppers on hand

Fresh herbs add fun flavor and dose of minerals for re-charging your afternoon

Cooking Time

3-4 minutes




2 organic free range eggs

Roasted peppers or fresh, washed and chopped

Organic greens, I use kale in this recipe

Fresh herbs


Turn stove top burner on medium heat

Spray or coat skillet with olive oil

Scramble eggs in a bowl

Pour over hot skillet and turn heat to low

Scramble eggs in pan (I use chop sticks)

Turn heat off and let eggs slowly set and cook to your desired consistency

Roasted peppers can be plated cold or served at room temperature. If needed slightly cooked in separate skillet

Place greens on a plate, top with scrambled eggs and peppers and fresh herbs to taste

Sprinkle with salt and pepper



Eggs are not for breakfast anymore!

This is a wonderful quick lunch when on the go. Greens offer a ton of powerful nutrients and fiber.  The protein in the eggs will get you through that afternoon slump.  And the herbs, as always, are a mindful way to stop, breathe, and contemplate a bountiful feast.  

When picking fresh herbs stop and take in their individual fragrances. While placing your fork to your mouth allow your senses to once again re-charge you.  It is an amazing moment for a mini meditation or mindful lunch that gets you back into the parasympathetic nervous system of rest and restore. 🙏🙌

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