Romaine Rafts stuffed with turkey and pickles

Prep Time

10 minutes

Prep Notes

I buy Bell & Evans turkey patties they heat up quickly and are organic:)

You can stuff your rafts with anything so get creative.

Some ideas are tuna, veggie burgers or leftovers

I also use Grillo's Pickles.  Great for the "Gut" as they are fermented.  Probiotics!! And the dill and juices are a great healthy dressing for the rafts!

Veggie chips are a wonderful addition and healthy choice over potato 

Cooking Time

20 minutes or recommended time for your meat


1 serving


1 Bell and Evan's Organic turkey patty

Organic romaine lettuce leaves

Organic chopped carrots

Grillo's Pickles sliced or chopped


1.) Heat the turkey patty to safe temperature either in a skillet or oven

2.) Clean and assemble romain into rafts on a plate

3.) When turkey is cooked properly slice and dice and place in romaine rafts

4.) Add pickles, carrots and whatever you desire

5.) The juice from the pickles makes a wonderful dressing so drizzle over rafts!

Savor and enjoy🌿