Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Avocado and smoked paprika

Prep Time

2 minutes

Prep Notes

Have a ripe Avocado on hand. Slice and rough chop carefully 

Here I use my "Secret Sauce" Kraft Italian dressing 🤫

Smoked Paprika

Add baby butter lettuce to make a salad or a substantial meal

Cooking Time

5 minutes


4 servings or less if your me!


1 bag organic shaved brussels sprouts

baby butter lettuce (optional)

olive oil


dressing as desired

smoked paprika


1.) In a large skillet heat oil and or dressing to medium 

2.) Pour the bag of sprouts in and stir every few minutes, season with salt and pepper as desired

3.) When cooked through or slightly browned bits turn off the heat and place in a bowl

4.) Gently stir in avocado and baby butter lettuce (optional)

5.) Add a slight sprinkle of smoked paprika (Optional)