Sweet and Savory High Protein Breakfast

Prep Time

5 minutes

Prep Notes

Slice organic avocado

Slice organic apple of your choice (I like Gala as it creates a sweeter compliment)

Fresh herbs on hand

Cooking Time

2-3 minutes


1 serving


Organic free range egg

Organic apple

Organic avocado

Fresh herbs of your choice (I used scallion)

Salt and pepper to taste


Heat and oil sautée or frying pan on medium 

When hot, crack an egg into pan

Cook to your liking, I use a cover to cook the whites through leaving the yolk runny

Plate along with avocado, sliced apple and fresh herbs

In the summer I have my portable herb garden which offers an array of flavor and freshness. In the winter many markets sell small pots of herbs that you can place on a windowsill for aromatherapy as well as added spices

Salt and pepper to taste


The egg is a wonderful source of omega 3's and protein

The avocado is a healthy fat to keep you full all morning

The apple is a wonderful source of fiber & vitamins and a touch of sweet to replace your morning OJ🌈