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I offer a multitude of rewarding viable health care services:

From having more energy to changing poor physical and mental health. Managing chronic pain to calming the mind.
Better mood and sleep, weight loss, brain health and more…

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arrow_copy  Individual programs for 8 weeks, 3 & 6 months with option for renewal.

arrow_copy  Collaboration with your current health practitioners while implementing new scientifically based therapies.
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During our time together we will review your health history from the forms available on my Resources Tab. Using food and lifestyle as medicine, we will examine nutrient deficiencies that can often mimic symptoms of depression, anxiety and low energy. Here we have opportunities for dietary interventions, such as looking at “Power Foods” with a peer reviewed published list of the “Clean Fifteen” and “The Dirty Dozen.” To be in the here and now you need to eat and be present in the here and now. We can get almost immediate relief from many emotional issues using nutrition alone.

We will also look at the scientific benefits of mindfulness and meditation to improve your ability to regulate your emotions with self-awareness. Whether you are suffering from emotional issues, managing chronic pain, lowering blood sugar or fighting sugar cravings we can retrain your brain to automatically think differently. How great is that? We make the healthy choice the easy choice!

My office is located in Brookline, Massachusetts. I also offer secure HIPPA compliant web based sessions for visits after the initial consultation. And payment via


Clients meet for up to one-hour for eight weeks.  Here we review your history, nutrition, sleep, stressors, relationships and other lifestyle factors that could be influencing your whole health. We discuss your concerns and together, we develop a plan of action. We can train your brain to adopt new lifestyle habits. Follow-up appointments are 45-50 minutes, and you may schedule them as frequently or spaced apart as you like. These visits can be done in my office or virtually through

Ideal for clients looking to explore mental and physical health issues.  Here we will examine how nutrition affects cravings, energy, sleep and our mood. Using my clinical skills I will provide insight and guidance in a refreshing interactive manner to optimize your whole health. I will provide support and tools for sustainable lifestyle change. Using cutting edge tools backed by science.  Appointments are in person or via secure web based session at

Ideal for clients who are looking to make a commitment to a successful whole health wellness. I will accompany you on this miraculous journey to Restore Body Balance.  There is no one-size-fits-all program.  You will learn to use your lifestyle as medicine to optimize your health.  From mental health to mindfulness. We will be building a new relationship with your whole body and environment.   Appointments are in person or via web based sessions at